Dear woman

Do you live in pain? Are your ovulations or periods heavy, unbearable? Sometimes it’s really hard to get up and go to work or cook lunch, tidy up the apartment. No one or very few people understand what you are going through. This is no “ordinary” pain of the menstrual cycle. It's different.

Sometimes you feel pain in your hips, back, legs, across your abdomen, your head hurts, your neck and shoulders ache. Is your stomach bloated? You may even see blood in the stool. Going to the toilet can also be a challenge. Do you generally have digestive problems? You lack energy. You're irritable. You're scared.

Will you need (another) surgery?

Are you blaming yourself for not eating healthy?

You know you have a messy, even toxic relationship(s). That you don't really know how to set boundaries. You give for others. You put yourself last. Others are used to it in a way and communicate with you in the same way. ‘What are you constantly complaining about?’

Do you find yourself in these descriptions?

I did too. But let me tell you a secret. All that can change. All you have to do is take the first step. Book your free appointment and let’s make a plan for your better tomorrow.

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Since I was willing to take action and get to know and understand endometriosis, I have experienced many breakthroughs and insights about myself. I know that endometriosis can make our lives very difficult and painful, but I also believe that it is here to teach us.

If there was a “miracle pill” for me that could cure or at least alleviate the symptoms of the disease, I would certainly not start devoting my time to learning about yoga, self-healing and female energy to such a degree. Thankfully, after years of struggling, I was finally able to regulate my hormones, alleviate inflammation in the body, and eliminate all the symptoms of endometriosis. Today I live without pain, fear and anxiety. Do you want this too?

I now understand that endometriosis is a condition caused by a spectrum of different factors and therefore the path to recovery needs to be looked at and addressed holistically.

On my journey of seeking health, I became a yoga teacher and an emotional empowerment coach. I have collected all my knowledge and experiences and created various coaching programs for women. Because each of us deserves to be emotionally empowered. Heard. And supported.


If you suffer from all or some endometriosis symptoms, such as

  • painful periods,
  • pain in your abdomen area,
  • pelvic pain,
  • heavy menstrual bleeding,
  • pain during or after intercourse,
  • bloated belly,
  • irritability, mood swings or anxiety,
  • gallbladder problems,
  • headaches or migraines,
  • enlarged breasts and/ or breast tenderness,
  • pms and/ or depression,
  • constipation, diarrhoea,
  • blood in your pee or stool,
  • pain with bowel movements or urination,
  • infertility,
  • fatigue,


  • want to support your body,
  • get back control of your life,
  • reduce the symptoms and pain


  • are willing to invest time, energy and effort to achieve it,

We will work in the areas of:


Do you know that your life is governed by subconscious “auto-pilot” programs and your beliefs? In our coaching sessions you will learn to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions and express them in a healthy way. You will get to know different parts of yourself. Some support each other, others oppose each other. When these parts are heard and expressed, they will calm down. You, on the other hand, will gain control of managing your life.

We will work on the issues connected to chakra disbalances:

  • feeling of being safe and having the right to live;
  • connection to the body, emotional empowerment;
  • self-esteem, inner power, making boundaries;
  • self-acceptance, acceptance of others, relationships;
  • being able to express yourself, being heard;
  • your belief system;
  • connection to your gut feeling and intuition.

Additionally, I will give you therapeutic guidance to calm down your nervous system and help you to reconnect with your body. You will get my yoga nidra exercises and I will advise you which practices to include in your daily life. If you want, we can include individual yoga classes (for additional payment).


I will guide you through an elimination diet. You will say goodbye to the main causes of inflammation and also to hormonal imbalance. By monitoring the response of your body, you will learn which foods are harmful to you personally and which are not.


A very important part of the program is to gain knowledge about hormonal disruptors in food, water, soil, air, cosmetics, household items etc.


Why is my program special?

Although I will give you guidelines and protocols to support your body, a very important part of my coaching program is that you will learn to listen to your body in all its dimensions.

Let me tell you a short legend that serves me as a basis for my work:

An old Hindu legend says that we humans were once gods. Can you imagine what power we had? But we human gods have abused our divine powers, so the supreme god Brahma has decided to take them from us and hide them somewhere where we will not be able to easily find them all so as not to abuse them again. Brahma asked the other gods where to hide these deprived powers.

The idea was to bury them deep in the ground. But Brahma said, “People will search, dig, and one day they will succeed in digging up these treasures.” Another suggested that they hide them in the depths of the sea. But Brahma replied, "People will search, they will dive, they will reach the farthest depths of the sea, and one day they would surely be found there."

They thought and thought until they discovered a solution, for they are gods after all. And they chose to hide the divine treasures in the most hidden depths of men.

Because we prefer to search around ourselves instead of within ourselves.
All answers are hidden within ourselves. All solutions to our challenges, to our questions. We just need to LISTEN and give ourselves a chance to BE HEARD.

In my work, I don’t dig into your past to resolve trauma (if you think you need just that, please find a qualified therapist). What I do is help you understand your body in all its dimensions by listening and asking questions. Additionally, I provide guidelines and protocols which will support your body’s self-healing potential.

I am with you in your exploration, on YOUR journey.

Video testimonials of women who took the chance and went on a journey with me





  • 24 + 4 individual meetings with me (via Zoom).
  • Access to the ONLINE TEMPLE – online classroom and all content.
  • My support - I'm always available for questions. We will communicate through special application that work like walkie-talkie. (Or via email).
  • 1st PART:
  • We will discuss the challenges and set goals that we will follow during the meeting.
  • We will work on emotional empowerment (fear, anxiety, toxic relationships, where you lose energy, how to take care of yourself, set boundaries, etc.).
  • You will learn to use tools for self-observation, and understanding and expressing emotions.
  • You will learn to use tools for self-observation of the body and physical symptoms.
  • We will discuss supplements and start working with your diet.
  • 2nd PART:
  • You will deepen your understanding of the breadth of endometriosis.
  • I will guide you through the elimination diet.
  • I will teach you about environmental toxins and how to avoid them.
  • We will work on reducing inflammation in the body.
  • And on creating hormonal balance.
  • 3rd PART:
  • We will go deeper into food and supplements.
  • We will go deeper into your emotions, into your inner dialogue.
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your body.
  • You will learn to hear and trust your inner voice.
  • In addition, you will have access to YOGA, BREATHING EXERCISES AND YOGA NIDRA exercises in the online temple; all appropriate for women with endometriosis.
  • Optional REIKI therapy.

Please fill out the register form available here.

My story

My name is Mojca Drofenik and I come from a small but beautiful and diverse country called Slovenia. I have a master’s degree in International Relations and a diploma in Ecology - Nature Conservation program. I enrolled in those programs to find a way to make positive changes on our amazing mother Earth, yet the universe had a different plan.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2014. I assume I have had endometriosis symptoms about 10 years before the diagnosis. After the diagnosis, the doctors did not see any hope in any method of contraception and advised me to go into surgery. At that time the pain was very bad. I had problems with going to the toilet, digesting food, I had chronic pain, leg pain, hip pain, back pain, bladder pain, blood in my stool, extremely painful periods, uterus pain, kidney pain, etc. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and the endo tissues have spread from the upper part of the vagina into the intestines. No pain killers helped, so I accepted the fact that I needed surgery. Not only laparoscopic, because there were many things they would need to do (cut out a part of my intestines and upper third of my vagina). It would have been a serious and risky surgery, where many things could happen and where they could not ensure me that my body will be functioning normally after it.


The doctors told me I probably cannot have children, and that after the surgery I definitely will not be able to get pregnant the natural way (although my uterus and ovaries were not affected yet and they would leave them in my body).

I trusted the doctors and stopped using birth control. Having no plans of getting pregnant, it happened after a week or two. I was shocked. I was frightened. Many questions arose; what will happen to my body now? How will my physical situation affect the child? How will I give birth? What will happen with the surgery?

Because of the pregnancy, the surgery never happened. After two weeks of living in extreme fear and anxiety, I let myself accept the situation as it was. Since then the pregnancy was the most beautiful period of my life. Because of endometriosis, I had planned a c-section. And the first year after I have had my child, I had no symptoms. After that, all the symptoms started to come back one by one. I was trying to fight them with many different therapies (acupuncture, Ayurveda, herbal teas, etc.) but nothing helped.

When my son was 2 years old it was so bad, I wanted to go through with the surgery again. However, the gynaecologist who was about to do the procedure asked me to go to some clinic abroad. She told me to do the surgery only if it would be the question of life or death. This could happen, because if endo tissue would grow so much in my intestines that it would completely block it. Those words really stroke me. My fears, anxiety, depression were hitting me very strongly again. But at the same time, I was very grateful to that doctor, to be honest with me and not do the surgery.

Through all those years I have been practicing yoga. And I knew it would be very hard for me to be employed in an organized institution, because of the daily struggle with pain and symptoms that have been following me. For that reason, I have decided to go through my first yoga teacher training and (having no practice place, no customs and no experience) to open my business. Tempelj joge (Yoga Temple) I named it. Today I teach Spanda Vinyasa Yoga, Hormone Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra and Prenatal Yoga.

However, my journey did not finish there. Although yoga helped me to feel and stretch my painful body, it did not solve my core problems. For that reason, I enrolled in many programs where I have learned a lot about my body, endometriosis, emotional empowerment, self-healing and female energy.

Slowly but reliably I have put my endometriosis into remission. The knowledge of the interconnectedness of mind, body, emotions, food, products and past help me to get to the point where I am today. I am free on symptoms and am enjoying my life without pain, fears and anxiety.

In 2020 I finished Emotional Empowerment Coach Training and started working as a women’s coach because I want to share my story as an inspiration and my energy as a support to the women suffering from endometriosis.

Here you can send me your personal note to start our journey.

You can book a 15-minute free consultation here.